The Supreme Courtroom rejects challenges to Trump’s efforts to exclude undocumented immigrants from the census

These “logistical problems” include the possibility that “processing anomalies” delays the starting numbers to possibly January 26, just days after President-elect Joe Biden took office. But maybe it’s all a big giant because of New York Law School professor and census expert Jeffrey Wice said the Associated Press last month There is a possibility that Trump could use his remaining strength to simply appoint a new person “who will do what Trump asks him to do”.

And, of course, the Supreme Court ruling could only intensify these efforts. Proponents say they are ready to pursue the case if Trump continues his anti-immigration policy, which has been repeatedly blocked in courts. In a statement by Daily Kos, the American Civil Liberties Union’s Voting Rights Project emphasized the High Court’s decision:It’s all about timing, not merit. “

“This decision does not confirm President Trump’s goal of excluding undocumented immigrants from the census that was used to split the House of Representatives,” said Director Dale Ho. “The legal mandate is clear: Every single person counts in the census, and everyone single person is represented in the congress. If this policy is ever actually implemented, we will immediately challenge it again in court. “

“The Supreme Court has just ruled that our action against the Trump administration’s plan to exclude undocumented immigrants from the census was premature,” the ACLU tweeted. “This fight is not over yet. If this policy is actually implemented, we will see it back in court immediately. “Prematurely” means that SCOTUS has decided that we will not know until the census numbers are reported whether Trump can exclude undocumented immigrants and how this affects the electoral representation. Until we know, the judges have decided not to rule the case. “

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