Six males charged in alleged conspiracy to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer

Six men were charged Thursday by a federal grand jury for plotting to kidnap Michigan’s Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Accusations reported in Whitmer Kidnapping Plot

Federal investigators described the men as anti-government extremists who were upset about their strict COVID-19 policies, according to the Associated Press.

The indictment, published by U.S. attorney Andrew Birge, identified the six men as Adam Dean Fox, Barry Gordon Croft Jr., Ty Gerard Garbin, Caleb James Franks, Daniel Joseph Harris, and Brandon Michael-Ray Caserta. All of the men are from Michigan except for Croft, who is from Delaware.

Birge confirmed that the maximum sentence for this charge is prison.

The indictment states that between June 6 and October 7, the men plotted to “illegally seize, kidnap, abduct and carry Whitmer for ransom and reward,” according to CNN. Their plot involved kidnapping Whitmer from their vacation home and blowing up a bridge to prevent law enforcement from saving them, but they were arrested before they could go ahead with their plan.

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The men were arrested in October

These men were arrested on October 7th after scheduling a meeting with an undercover FBI agent to buy explosives and other supplies.

Eight other men, alleged to be employees of the six, have been tried in a state court on charges including material support for acts of terrorism.

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Whitmer has long tried to blame President Donald Trump and his rhetoric for this act of abduction, even though he had nothing to do with it. However, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany shot down those attempts.

“Trump has consistently condemned white supremacists and all forms of hatred,” she said, according to Fox News. “Whitmer and now Governor Northam sow division by making these outlandish accusations. America stands united against hatred and in support of our federal law enforcement agencies who stopped this conspiracy. “

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