The White Home safety chief was in intensive take care of COVID for 2 months and has “wonderful medical payments”.

Since the campaign ended, and at the time this story was published, friends and family have raised $ 36,182 for the Bailey family. Bloomberg reports that the White House, ordered not to publicize Bailey’s family hospitalization, would not comment on whether or not Donald Trump contributed to that campaign.

Bailey’s office takes care of the access data to the White House complex and works closely with US intelligence on security measures. Bailey was known on the premises as a strong Trump supporter.

McCrobie updated the GoFundMe page on Monday to write that the Bailey family didn’t want people to talk and write to the media “Many of you have already been contacted while others may be contacted soon. As much as you care about Crede, you might be wondering why the media wants to write about him? After all, he’s a civil servant – not a celebrity, not a politician or anyone in public. So why him, when there are hundreds of thousands of other people who are or have been sick with COVID-19 and have lost a loved one? Who lost their job? Maybe the story is not about Crede at all. I mean, their messages say it’s about him (and, of course, how concerned they are for him) but maybe the stories are about something else and Crede’s experience just plays into those stories. “

She’s not wrong, of course. These stories, including those read here, are not just about how Crede Bailey is doing and what can be done to help him or his family. This is someone very close to the president, a person who bears much of the blame for how badly this pandemic has been handled, and who has been negligent about his or her health and safety measures for himself and those around him . It is also the story of a civil servant who gets very sick at the work our country requires him to do and has to ask the people around him for financial help for the family because the medical costs are well above what his ( Probably best) health insurance offers insurance will cover.

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