Andrew Cuomo’s former advisor claims he sexually molested her for “years”.

A woman who was once an adviser to New York Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo claims he sexually molested her for “years” while they were together.

Cuomo is charged with sexual harassment

From March 2015 to October 2018, Lindsey Boylan was deputy secretary for economic development and special adviser in the Cuomo administration, according to Newsweek. She went to Twitter on Saturday to accuse Cuomo of sexually molesting her.

“My first experience of sexual harassment in the workplace was when my mom got her first real office job after I graduated from college when I was in high school,” Boylan wrote in a series of tweets. “She was so excited to be taken seriously. Her boss isolated her and kissed her. She never had a job like this again. “

“That’s when I learned how difficult it is for women. How difficult this world can be for us when we try to be taken seriously and to help our community. How easily idiots can destroy women’s lives, ”she added.

“And I made a promise to myself that I would never let guys like that win. I would work hard all my life to put myself in positions of power, to change things, ”Boylan continued. “To end the violence and corruption. Give voice to the voiceless. I do not stop. I refuse. I will never give up.”

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Boylan Zeroes In On Cuomo

Then she got into her allegations against Cuomo.

“Yes, @NYGovCuomo has sexually molested me for years,” claimed Boylan. “Many saw and watched it. I could never predict what to expect: would I be grilled at my work (which was very good) or bothered about my appearance? Or would they both be in the same conversation? This has been the way for years. Not knowing what to expect, what is the most annoying, other than that no one would do anything even if they saw it. Nobody. And I * know * that I’m not the only woman. “

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“I’m angry at being put in this situation at all. Because I am a woman, I can work hard my whole life to improve and help others and still become a victim, as countless women over generations have done. Mostly quietly, ”Boylan concluded. “I hate that some men like @NYGovCuomo abuse their power.”

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This comes days after Boylan claimed that “working for Andrew Cuomo” was the “most toxic team environment” she had ever encountered. She added that “if people weren’t scared to death” of Cuomo, that “they would say the same thing and you would already know the stories.”

“Seriously, the messages and texts I get when I tell the truth about it … it’s a whole book of people who have been hurt,” Boylan said.

This piece was written by James Samson on December 13th, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used with permission.

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