The Republicans in Georgia are going to warfare towards democracy to stop one other election loss

But of course that is not all. Republicans in the state assembly are pushing for the laws to be changed to make voting more difficult. These efforts include at least one attempt to ban something that is already illegal – that is how hard they look for voting-related things to be banned. The extent of the racism is remarkable: Republicans have been absent in large numbers for years, but all it took was a year when many blacks have been absent for Democrats and the boom, Republicans are pushing.

Then you will have fewer polling stations in some counties for the runoff elections, including Cobb County which was down 14 points for Biden. Election officials cite not only the pandemic and the holidays, but also the recent workload of the two recounts to determine that Donald Trump really, really lost.

And the conspicuous attack by Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on voter registration organizations in the form of an investigation which Nse Ufot of the New Georgia Project called “damn weak – their evidence is thinner than a single strand of hair. Raffensperger seeks to use this investigation to return to Republican grace after daring to say the general election results were correct and fair, leading to attacks and even threats against him and his family, as well as a proposed change of the law led state constitution, which would appoint the secretary of state by the legislature and not be chosen by the voters.

This is an all-out Republican war on democracy. This can only be counteracted through overwhelming organization and mobilization by progressives.

We need all hands on deck to win the Georgia Senate runoff on January 5th, and you can volunteer from anywhere. Click here to view the Georgia volunteer activities that are best for you.

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