Fired lodge employees got down to win the Georgia Senate runoff

One group that did not forego direct voter contact in key states in parliamentary elections was UNITE HERE. The hotel workers union knocked on 3 million doors, including 20,000 a day in Arizona’s critical Maricopa County. Georgia is now in full swing, with a big start on Wednesday.

The goal for the 500-strong union team is 1 million doors by the January 5th runoff. At the kick-off event, UNITE HERE members gave reasons for their commitment to the race: “Like many Black & Brown people, I have high blood pressure and need medication to keep it under control, “said Wanda Brown of UNITE HERE Local 23.” On December 1, I was told I was eligible for a refill, I need her so I’m going to make the sacrifice as my mother would say, ‘Rob Peter to pay Paul’ “.”

“We have the ability to build the Georgia we want … and the America we want,” New Georgia Project leader Nse Ufot told the advertiser.

Let’s build! Can you put in $ 3 to help Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff turn the Senate blue?

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