WATCH: Candace Owens compares vaccines to slavery throughout an look on the Alex Jones Present

Candace Owens has seen quite a meteoric rise in the past 5 years. She claims that she was a Democrat before Donald Trump. But following the Gamergate controversy, Owens says she turned conservative overnight.

And she’s become a big Conservative favorite. Owens missives are often retweeted by the Trump family. However, she was not invited to speak at the Republican National Convention.

The conservative activist now works for the Daily Wire and recently appeared on the Alex Jones Show. Conspiracy theorist Paul Joseph Watson stood up for Jones.

When the subject of vaccines came up, Owens told Watson: “What does every society in the world that has had slaves have in common? And the answer is that there have always been more slaves than masters. “

The right wing expert continued, “T.There will always be more of us here than them. You know when we say no it’s a no “

While these comments are certainly controversial, when it comes to Owens they are mostly taken for granted.

During George Floyd’s protests that summer, she said on her Facebook Live:

“We are being sold many lies to the detriment of the black community, the detriment of the white community, and the detriment of America as a whole. So I want to come out and say that I don’t support George Floyd and the portrayal of the media as a martyr for black America. “

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