The Georgia governor rejects Trump’s election fraud claims

Georgia Governor Geoff Duncan (R) spoke to reporters this morning about the Georgia Republicans “certainly not doing” business “that would allow election fraud, as President Donald Trump has claimed.

“What is alarming is the amount of misinformation that continues to flow. It’s alarming to me, ”Duncan continued. “It is certainly daunting to watch people willing to put their characters and morals on the market just so they can spread a half-truth or a lie in an effort to perhaps flip an election. … That’s not what democracy is about. “

Duncan added that unsubstantiated electoral fraud claims are only intended to jeopardize the highly anticipated Georgia Senate runoff, which will determine which party will have majority control in the chamber.

“I think in the short term we run the risk of alienating the voters for our Senate race, which is coming up for Sen. Loeffler and Sen. Perdue. And we need them, ”he said. “And in the long run, I think we’re hurting the brand of our Republican Party, which is certainly bigger than one person in the long run … As Americans, we need to see leaders who inspire us, not downplay us.”

President Trump called this morning Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) “to do something” and insist that his state’s elections have been compromised.

However, there is no evidence that electoral fraud occurred – the president’s own security agencies have put down his claims – and the state began counting its votes for the third time this week.

President-elect Joe Biden “Georgia won by more than 12,000 votes than its results eventually got certifiedafter about a week’s hand counting of all 5 million votes of the state, ”reports 11ALIVE. Under Georgian law, candidates can request a recount if the error rate is at or below 0.5%. This gave the Trump campaign a chance to request the current recount.

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