Rep. Mike Kelly is asking the Supreme Court docket to annul Biden’s victory over Trump in Pennsylvania because it questions the mail-in voting rule

U.S. Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA) speaks during a hearing before the House Ways and Means Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

Alex Wong | Getty Images

A Pennsylvania Republican Congressman on Tuesday called on the Supreme Court to issue an emergency order that would prevent his state from taking any further action to confirm its election results, which show President-elect Joe Biden won over President Donald Trump.

Rep. Mike Kelly’s question comes after Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf confirmed the former Democratic vice president won the state and won his 20 votes for the electoral college.

In the face of this, Kelly asked the Supreme Court to “overturn” Wolf’s certification and any other measures that would legally validate Biden’s victory. His filing Tuesday also called on the Supreme Court to appeal against his contesting a change in postal voting rules in the state.

The motion relates to a previous case filed in state courts in which Kelly alleged Pennsylvania’s lawmakers violated the state’s constitution by allowing apologetic absentee voting in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court dismissed that claim earlier this week.

Biden is currently expected to win 306 electoral college votes, 36 more than it takes to claim a victory in the White House race.

Trump has refused to admit Biden, falsely claiming that he won the election and that there was widespread electoral fraud.

US Attorney General William Barr said earlier Tuesday the Justice Department had found no evidence of widespread fraud that undermined Biden’s planned victory.

Trump’s campaign and his allies have repeatedly lost or withdrawn lawsuits seeking to invalidate ballot papers for Biden in several battlefield states.

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