Meet the black ladies to serve in central roles within the Biden-Harris administration

Flournoy, who had a successful career in politics, served asHe faces the public order president of the American Federation of Teachers, a union that represents more than 1.6 million members. “In this role, she led the work of the Legislative, Political, Field and Mobilization departments of the AFT and the human rights and public relations departments,” the university said. She also served serving as head of the transition team for former Vermont National Governor Howard Dean and traveling chief of staff to 2000 Democratic vice presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman.

“Tina Flournoy is part of a group of black women who call themselves ‘The Colored Girls’.Said Ali. He listed Flourney among Democratic strategist Donna Brazile, author Yolanda Caraway, Democratic political agent Leah Daughtry, and political activist Minyon Moore. It is black women who have worked at the highest levels of any democratic campaign since the 1980s, Ali said.


3. Tina Flournoy belongs to a group of black women who refer to themselves as “The Colored Girls”.

Black women who have worked at the highest level in every Dem campaign since the 1980s

Donna Brazile
Yolanda Caraway
Leah Daughtry
Minyon Moore
Tina Flournoyhttps: //

– Yashar Ali @ (@yashar) December 1, 2020

Flournoy’s anticipated appointment follows the appointment of a savvy ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield as US Ambassador to the United Nations and the appointment of Shuwanza Goff as dDeputy Director of the Legislative Office of the White House. Goff, a “Descendant of Africans enslaved on the islands of Sandy and Cat, South Carolina. “ is the first black woman to serve as the floor manager for the House of Representatives under the House majority leader, Steny Hoyer. The Gullah Museum in South Carolina tweeted that her new position will “play a key role in the Biden administration as it will help run the new president’s agenda through Congress.”


Ms. Goff’s new title will be Assistant Director for Legislative Affairs. This will play a key role in the Biden administration as it means it will lead the new president’s agenda through Congress. She is no stranger to Capitol Hill.

– GullahMuseumSC (@GullahSc) November 23, 2020

Rep. Ayanna Pressley said Thomas-Greenfield “focused her work on reestablishing diplomatic relations and redefining what the compassionate United States could do on the global stage”.


Linda Thomas-Greenfield grew up in a town where the KKK burned crosses on lawn.

“But I had my mother’s hopes and dreams, which taught me that I can face any challenge on my path by being compassionate and kind.”

Next year she will be our ambassador to the United Nations.

– Congressman Bass (@RepKarenBass) November 24, 2020

Thomas-Greenfield attributed her success to her mother’s advice. “My mother taught me to lead with the power of kindness and compassion to make the world a better place. I’ve taken this lesson with me throughout my career in the Foreign Service and, if confirmed, will do the same as the Ambassador to the United Nations, ”Thomas-Greenfield tweeted on November 23.

If the president-elect’s announcements before Thanksgiving weren’t enough to offer a glimmer of hope that America’s reputation could be saved, his pick this week must surely be like that. The Biden-Harris transition team announced Monday that economist Cecilia Rouse, a former member of the Obama-Biden Council of Economic Advisers, will serve as chair of the Economic Advisory Council. This makes her the first black woman to head the council. “I focus on the task ahead. This assignment is about advising the president on how we can rebuild and revitalize our economy, ”Rouse tweeted. “Planning for a fairer economy based on facts and evidence begins now.”


This troubled team will help bring America out of our current economic downturn and rebuild it better – an economy that gives every single American a fair shot and equal opportunities to move forward.

– Biden-Harris Presidential Transition (@ Transition46) November 30, 2020

Biden and Harris appointed three black women to an all-female communications team on Sunday, including Karine Jean-Pierre as deputy press secretary, Ashley Etienne as Harris communications director, and Symone Sanders as chief advisor and main spokesperson for Harris. All three women served as senior advisors on the Biden Harris campaign. Jean-Pierre told Out Magazine “As a black gay immigrant” from a working class family, she knows that “America hasn’t always worked for everyone.

“And I know America still doesn’t work for everyone,” she added. “The truth is, we still have a long way to go. But that’s what I’m working towards: mobilizing people for this shared vision of what an America that works for everyone could look like – and then making it a reality. “

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