Republicans, Progressives Unite In opposition to Biden Finances Choose Neera Tanden

The far left and Republicans have something in common: Opposition to Neera Tanden, Joe Biden’s reported election to head the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

A spokesman for Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) said Tanden has no chance of being confirmed for the position.

Cornyn’s director of communications, Drew Brandewie, noted that Tanden has made several negative remarks to Republican lawmakers in the past, noting that she would need her votes for confirmation.

“Neera Tanden, who has an endless stream of derogatory comments on the Republican senators whose votes she will need, has no chance of being ratified,” Brandewie tweeted.

Neera Tanden, who has an endless stream of derogatory comments on the Republican senators whose votes she will need, stands no chance of being ratified. https://t.co/f6Ewi6OMQR

– Drew Brandewie (@DBrandewie) November 30, 2020

Tanden would need 51 Senate votes to be confirmed.

Democrats currently hold 48 seats, with two runoff elections for seats in the Georgia Senate in January.

Tanden was president of the Liberal Think Tanks Center for American Progress and has been a top ally and attack dog for Hillary Clinton over the years.

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Neera Tanden’s incendiary comments could threaten her confirmation

Tanden previously referred to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) as “broken our democracy” while saying that when he is referred to as “Moscow Mitch” she loves.

Spoken like someone who never wants to be ratified by a Republican-controlled Senate. https://t.co/6s2c5YhLGI

– Arthur Schwartz (@ArthurSchwartz) November 30, 2020

She has suggested that “facts are difficult for Trump supporters who they refer to as” Trumpers “.

Tanden has beaten Republican lawmakers for passing tax cut laws, saying it would only benefit the rich.

“Shame on her,” she said.

It’s fun to see @neeratanden delete all of their negative tweets about Republican senators. Your nomination is already a funeral.

– Garrett Ventry (@GarrettVentry) November 30, 2020

Tanden also recently reached out to Senate Republicans to facilitate the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

“This hasty and illegitimate process is an insult to the American people and is fundamentally changing the nature of the Supreme Court from fairness and justice to an arm of the Republican political agenda,” she said in a statement.

Tanden doesn’t just have a problem with Republicans, however. Progressives aren’t too keen on their selections either.

Progressive Blast Tanden

Nomiki Konst, a former replacement for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, called Tanden out as an enemy of the left.

Not only did Neera Tanden seriously threaten many leftists with a megaphone, but she threw false hit / smear pieces at them, published them, and then had her organized Reddit / Twittee / MSNBC army reinforced to try to break those voices. History won’t reflect well

– Nomiki Konst (@NomikiKonst) November 30, 2020

Tanden has been accused of physically assaulting Faiz Shakir, former Bernie Sanders campaign manager, while he was working for ThinkProgress, a fact that does not go down well with many Vermont socialist supporters.

A witness claimed that she hit Shakir, although Tanden denied it and said, “I didn’t hit him, I pushed him.”

Further allegations and expressions of contempt for Ms. Tanden were spread on social media following reports that she would be selected to head OMB.

Please don’t let Neera Tanden’s antagonistic Twitter presence distract you from her actual accomplishments, such as:

– kathbarbadoro (@kathbarbadoro) November 30, 2020

In 2008 Neera Tanden physically attacked her colleague Faiz Shakir after asking Hillary Clinton a critical question about the Iraq war.

Biden has already broken his promise not to accept brutal tyrants. https://t.co/iFdDxGerGE

– Max Blumenthal (@MaxBlumenthal), November 30, 2020

Everything poisonous about the Democratic Corporate Party is embodied in Neera Tanden. https://t.co/kWHcUK2VZ5

– BJG @ (@briebriejoy) November 30, 2020

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Biden’s curious selection continues

Biden’s choice of Tanden, a polarizing figure for Republicans and progressives, is quite strange given his promise to unite all Americans.

“It’s time to get rid of the harsh rhetoric, cut the temperature and listen to each other again,” he tweeted.

“In order to make progress we have to stop treating our opponents as our enemy,” continued Biden. “We are not enemies. We are Americans. “

Oddly enough, he would choose someone accused of assaulting a Bernie Bro who would spend time attacking the Republican lawmakers who need her to confirm.

Tanden also advocated a conspiracy theory that Russia hacked the 2016 elections and changed votes on voting machines … for Donald Trump!

. @neeratanden spread conspiracies that Russia hacked the 2016 elections through voting machines and changed the votes for Trump. Have fun with the confirmation! pic.twitter.com/eTKFAGszRR

– Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) November 30, 2020

But then Biden’s various choices for key positions in his cabinet or administration were consistently strange.

His election as National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan suggested that America should be part of the “rise” of China.

Biden suggested John Kerry as his special envoy for the environment.

Kerry, as Secretary of State, claimed peace in the Middle East was impossible, which President Trump has proven wrong, and tried to comfort France with a live performance by musician James Taylor after an attack by ISIS terrorists.

Biden recently appointed Richard Stengel to his transition team for Global Media, a man who once argued in a statement that the first change needed redefinition, that “hate speech” should be a crime and that he was a big fan of government propaganda .

How can Biden possibly unite the whole country left and right when selections like Tanden can’t even unite his own party?

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