McConnell will block a Biden judiciary. Interval. That’s the reason Democrats want Georgia’s Senate seats

Not all Democrats are here yet. Witnesses Senator Chris Coons of Delaware, a close friend of Biden, who is adamant about the nature of Republicans, and McConnell in particular. “Joe Biden ran for president to bring us together and make Congress one of his top priorities again,” Coons told Politico. “When someone can sit down and exercise [McConnell] … One way to come to an agreement that we will move candidates is to have President Biden elected. I’ve lived through McConnell’s disability for years and years. I know this will be a challenging task. “

As long as McConnell has a core of potential hopes for 2024 – and he does – he won’t bow down even if he wanted to. And two of the really hideous contenders are on the Justice Committee: Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley. “I imagine they will have a hard time just because I won’t vote for people who I think, to use my words, are ‘judicial imperialists’,” Hawley told Politico, pretending to be as if there was some principle behind it being right-wing extremist. There is not. As his next sentence shows. “But maybe he’ll surprise me when [Biden] is in fact the President who knows he may be sending candidates who are constitutionalists and textualists. I kind of doubt it. “Biden is the President-Elect. Trump has lost. So this is the core of McConnell’s GOP.

Due to McConnell’s three-year confirmation tape, there are currently only 59 judicial vacancies. He now has 36 nominees in the pipeline and wants to mix them all up in the lame duck. Even if the two Georgia seats are potentially flipped, Biden won’t be able to reform the courts, at least not in his first two years. But those two years – before the next half and another year of defense for Republicans in the Senate – could bring in one more Supreme Court candidate and any number of vacancies that retirement could open. Which means Biden needs the Senate. Period.

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