Trump’s Sadistic Narcissism: The Reward Republicans Would possibly Be Passing On Indefinitely

As the New York Times recently wrote:

What alarms national Republicans is that the awkwardness in Georgia may only be a preview of what the party might see during the post-Trump era, which itself can be a misnomer.

With the signal from Mr Trump that he will try to maintain control of the party and possibly seek the White House again in 2024, GOP lawmakers and activists are preparing for a time when they will effectively join one former presidents are tied up, the right of veto demands in intra-party elections.

“It is very likely, if not probable, that Trump will take a position as kingmaker in the 2022 primary,” said Todd Harris, a longtime Republican advertiser. “Whether people like it or not, this is Trump’s party. And nothing that happened on election day or since then has changed that. “

That’s the operative word there. Congressional Republicans had a chance to sever ties with Trump, or at least contain his influence on the party. Instead, they decided to turn to him to keep a majority in the Senate. That decision may or may not pay off in January, but it certainly is causing heartburn in Senate Republicans right now and will continue to do so through January.

The runoff election in Georgia is January 5th. Apply for a postal vote by November 18. The early personal vote begins on December 14th Register here to vote until December 7th.

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