Fox Information ultimately pays an undisclosed value for false reporting of Seth Wealthy’s demise on political grounds

The original story was published by Malia Zimmerman and promoted relentlessly by Fox News for a week before it was withdrawn. No further follow-up to what had happened, which allowed the news agency to publicize and advance the baseless, arguably defamatory, allegations that Hillary Clinton and her team murdered a young man over emailing the press.

NPR reports that Zimmerman’s coverage was based on the help of Fox News’ “investment advisor” Edward Butowsky, and that a considerable amount of conspiratorial speculation was based on a story “based on quotes from a private investigator that he never said”. Something that both Butowsky and Zimmerman later admitted. Why did you do that? Because they’re parasitic bastards, that’s why.

The Riches also sued Zimmerman and Butowsky. The entire lawsuit was dismissed as part of the settlement. This ensures Fox stars, including Hannity and Dobbs, are not required to give the court an affidavit that could be released. Another lawsuit against Butowsky and others is pending by Seth’s brother Aaron.

The Rich family released a statement on the case: “The settlement with Fox News completes another chapter in our efforts to mourn the murder of our beloved Seth, whom we miss every day. We are satisfied with the resolution of this matter and we sincerely hope that the media will exercise real caution in the future. “

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