WATCH: Sidney Powell tells Lou Dobbs Trump who received “an absolute landslide” and his presidency “may be saved”

In the days of Donald Trump, the Republican Party was more and more willing to embrace conspiracy theories. From climate denial to QAnon congress women to climate denial towards Burisma, nothing seems to be out of bounds.

Then came lawyer Sidney Powell. While she was once a member of Trump’s “Elite Strike Force,” she was eventually removed from the president’s legal team because of her increasingly clumsy diatribes.

Even so, Fox presenter and Trump sycophant Lou Dobbs was more than happy to see Powell on his Fox Business show. While she was there, Powell continued with the kind of conspiracy theorization that made her persona for Team Trump dissatisfied.

She said to the host:

“I mean, people sitting on the floor writing next to buses are filling out ballot papers for ballot papers. It’s all over your face. The statistical data are insurmountable. The mathematical proof is a mathematical impossibility. In this way there was nothing but widespread electoral fraud. We have a witness who says that in Arizona every Democratic candidate has at least 35,000 votes added just to begin voting. It’s like receiving your $ 500 Monopoly money first if you haven’t done anything. And it was only for Democrats. “

Dobbs then asked, “Do you think we will save the Trump presidency?” Powell replied, “Yes, I definitely do. I have no problem with it being voted nationwide in an absolute landslide. “

Courtesy of Fox Business, watch a clip of the following segment:

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