The Trump marketing campaign suffers one other court docket loss when it tries to dam Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania

Luzerne County employees open postal ballot papers that are counted at the Wilkes-Barre electoral board. The postal vote in Pennsylvania is counted at a total of about fifty thousand. Lucerne County is hoping to finish tonight.

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The campaign’s complaints focused on the fewer than 9,000 postal ballot and postal ballot papers that the district’s electoral board counted despite possible errors on the envelopes. The campaign had argued that these errors, which included the failure to write a real name, date, or address on the outside of the envelope for voting, were disqualifying. But the Supreme Court disagreed.

The court also found that the campaign did not argue that there was any evidence of fraud in connection with these ballots.

Outside of the courtroom, Trump’s attorneys and agents have been quick to bring wide-ranging allegations of fraud at the state and national levels. A lawyer, Sidney Powell, alleged, without evidence, that an international communist conspiracy was underway to manipulate voting software against Trump. Powell was effectively fired from the Trump campaign legal team after making these claims, which were instantly heavily criticized by both sides of the political gang.

But when they stood before an affidavit, some of the same people, including Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, declined to argue that election fraud had been committed.

“Here we conclude that failure to include a handwritten name, address, or date on the voter declaration on the back of the envelope is a technical violation of the electoral code, but does not warrant the widespread disenfranchisement of thousands of Pennsylvania voters . ” Judge Christine Donohue wrote in the court’s judgment.

If the Trump campaign had won the case and voided the votes, it would not have been nearly enough to theoretically overcome Biden’s lead of more than 81,000 votes in Pennsylvania – even if all of the ballots in question had gone to Biden.

Trump is now likely to be left with the federal trial, the loss of which his campaign partially challenged, as his final legal shot to undo Biden’s Pennsylvania election victory.

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