There’s lower than a month left to enroll in Obamacare, a minimum of till Biden will get on

More than 200 counties across the country will have five or more insurers, and only 10% of counties will have only one insurance offering. In the planning year 2018, when enrollment took place during the Senate’s push to repeal the 2017 law, 52% of the districts only had one offer. What a difference a democratic house made there.

At the same time, premiums have fallen in many parts of the country. You can check how your county compares on the interactive map at this KFF link. KFF found that “free” bronze awards ($ 0 premium) are available in 84% of the counties to the lowest income subsidized market participants. As insurers add additional costs to silver plans, we also find that 983 counties have gold premiums lower than or comparable to the cost of silver plans. “

Again, chances are very, very good that once you get into the market you will find a plan that you can afford. But be aware that junk health plan suppliers are back in operation this year after Trump’s sabotage let them go. Here is a good breakdown of the ways you can make sure you are not being scammed by an insurer that has been put on the open registry to catch ignorant customers.

If you need a plan, go to

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