Rittenhouse out on bail whereas right-wing followers increase tens of millions whereas harmless black males wither in jail

Lin Wood, attorney for the newly liberated but utterly unrepentant Rittenhouse, posted a photo of the grinning (and maskless) murderous teenager on Twitter Friday night.

Rabid militia enthusiasts, supporters of white supremacy, and lovers of Donald Trump have all gotten used to the murderous teenager and elevated him to hero status in their hateful white power fantasies. According to the local CBS subsidiary, over half a million dollars have been raised for Rittenhouse on top of the bail.

Most of the money came from small donations, and Rittenhouse’s attorney thanked the donors on Twitter and said, “We, the people, did not disappoint.”

Rittenhouse, who again killed two people, has a bloody fan base. A madman with deep pockets. The killer, who has confessed to two murders and one attempted murder, told police at the time of his arrest, “No, I don’t regret it” and is currently enjoying the life of a surreal hero, admired by proxy watching cell phone recordings of his cold killings and opened their wallets in support. These people know exactly what Rittenhouse did and respect it. They consider his actions to be right and just, even if they smear his victims – all white men – to justify their cold-blooded murders.

When Rittenhouse – an admitted killer whose hurtful and lifelong acts have been videotaped – settles down to enjoy Thanksgiving as a real born killer, his jail time, despite his night, is a brief slip in his life story. fears of being locked up for “the rest of his life”. The army veteran Kendrick, on the other hand, would hardly be considered a human hero.


BREAKING: Jaythan Kendrick was exonerated in Queens after serving 25 years in prison for guilty of a crime he did not commit.

– The Innocence Project (@innocence) November 19, 2020

The former postman was in jail longer than Rittenhouse breathed air, but no six-figure fundraising campaigns were held in Kendrick’s name to help him regain the semblance of a life. Instead of the My Pillow Guy and a stranded actor, only a determined family member and the good people from the Innocence Project fought for his freedom.

“Mr. Kendrick has experienced an unimaginable injustice for over 25 years. He has tried to correct that injustice for decades, but the system has failed him every step,” said Susan Friedman, attorney for Mr. Kendrick’s Innocence Project. “This is a textbook case that uncovered the worst flaws in our system – racial profiles, inappropriately suggestive identification procedures and at least a lack of police accountability. Fortunately, the new evidence in this case, including DNA, has overwhelming evidence of Mr Kendrick’s innocence delivered. “

“I never thought that day would come. Tomorrow I’ll wake up and go home, ”said Mr. Kendrick. “I’ve seen so many other people go and I was still here. Finally, the truth is out that I did not commit this crime. “

Rittenhouse’s trial – provided he gets one and doesn’t advocate for it – will be one that both his ardent fans and those seeking justice will seriously follow. Whether he will go free to take the life of two white men – and shoot another in the arm – remains to be seen. It certainly seems impossible and wrong that a person who has crossed the state line with an illegally procured device designed to kill as many people as possible can walk free after using that weapon to kill two bodies and one injured to create.

But it also seems impossible and wrong for innocent people like Kendrick to wait all day for justice in jails every day while a licensed and lion-like killer roams free.

And so I rave.

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