Watch dad and mom attempt to persuade the trainer that nobody gained the presidential election

“Okay, I understand your concerns. Thank you very much for sharing your concerns with us, and as I said, I’ll speak to him tomorrow, ”said the teacher at one point. The parents did not accept this answer and urged, “So are you only going to talk to Anthony? This task is not repeated and everyone understands that at this point we have six states – there were seven when this task was done – there are six still in litigation and why? “

She continued, “For third graders, even if you don’t go into such details to explain it to them, you can’t. This answer should have been “who won the election”, the answer was nobody. That was the answer – nobody. Not Joe Biden. It wasn’t anyone. It shouldn’t be told just to my son. “

She went on to argue that the entire school system should teach that no one won the presidential election. “Either not or not right,” said the woman. “There aren’t any, there aren’t any, well, there’s a gray area. There are six of them so I’m addressing that. I’m not ready. I am upset about it. “

She then cited the National Archives, which did not release election results, and the conservative One America News network as evidence that her interpretation of the electoral college’s results was correct. “When you talked to them about it, you didn’t tell them to colorize it. He told me you went there and made a map. I made a map. I didn’t go to Google. I went.” to the National Archives, and then I went to OAN too, and it was exactly what he and I were talking about, “said the parent.

The poor teacher let the woman quietly vent her frustrations with reality while she continued to explain how she confused her child.

Biden received 290 electoral college votes for 232 from Trump, and the president-elect received a total of more than 79.3 million votes for 73.5 million from Trump, according to the Associated Press. The news organization, which many consider far more reputable than the nameless parents on the phone, has phoned every state other than Georgia where Biden is a leader. The traditionally red state, where the Democrats successfully flipped blue, has 16 votes for the electoral college. Technically, the only discrepancy should be whether Biden has 290 or 306 electoral college votes. Both scenarios got him well in excess of the 270 votes required to win the presidency. If I could leave little Anthony any words, they would be: Disrespectful to your mother, disagree.

But she is right about one point: Multiple lawsuits have been filed in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to challenge election results. This is evidence of the sore loser and the Republicans who enable him. Georgia has dismissed one lawsuit and two have been upheld in Pennsylvania, Newsweek reported. One has also been confirmed in Nevada, the rest is pending.

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