Three Republican senators say they may help Biden’s cupboard candidates, signaling a doable schism

Susan “Finger of Sorrow” Collins is nobody’s hero. And, having just survived a tight election, she sits in the Maine Senate for six years, despite casting several key votes for Trump. However, there seems to be some indication that Collins, along with Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski and the increasingly vociferous Mitt Romney, is ready to part with the plan to drag democracy into the void and scream.

As Politico reports, Collins, Murkowski and Romney signal that they will vote to confirm “most” of the cabinet decisions made by President-elect Biden. Those voices mean that no matter what happens in Georgia, Biden can at least put a few names in the seats – provided Collins’ changing subjects or Romney’s last appearance as an honest man don’t go away by then.

Nobody should view this as anything other than a power movement, however. The three “moderate” Republicans appear to be positioning themselves as a swing vote that McConnell or Democrats can make concessions. This is perfectly clear in Murkowski’s testimony about Biden. “He is our elected president,” said Murkowski. “All presidents have a right to their cabinet. Our job, our role is to make sure he selects people who are … mainstream. And are good, qualified, credible candidates. And if he does, I’ll work with him. “

While the trio may say they won’t block cabinet appointments, they are also making it clear that they are vetoing Biden, who nominates members whose Democrats are too progressive to recognize as “mainstream.” This language is unlikely to be too different from what McConnell used once he reaches the point where the election result is recognized.

What is interesting is the idea that the Uneasy Three will host the worst thing McConnell will do. It can even be hopeful. What is clear, however, is that this is a move that primarily benefits the Senators concerned and makes the Republicans, who are responsible for the Senate, look a little less terrible. This is a long, long road from where that faction threatens to oust McConnell through conferences with Democrats.

The correct answer to this is also the simplest: take the two seats in the Georgia Senate, take the Senate, ditch McConnell, and let Susan Collins raise her concerns from the minority bank.

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