Michigan Republicans inform Trump to Trump’s face that they won’t participate in his coup

Michigan State Republican lawmakers meet with Trump at the White House, where they oppose his coup to overthrow the election.


Michigan Republican lawmakers expect Trump to pressure them to overthrow the elections, but they will tell him in the face that they will obey the law.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) November 20, 2020

Peter Alexander of NBC News reported:

Lawmakers, who are expected to meet with the President, expect President Trump to expect to overturn the results in their state based on what the President sees as fraud and irregularities, all of them so far are not proven.

According to this person, who is familiar with the thinking of these lawmakers, they are expected to resort to it and inform the President that they will help to follow the necessary course and try to detect the potential for fraud or irregularities in Avoiding future, but doing so will follow Michigan state law, which, Andrea, requires that the candidate who won the state’s referendum, in turn, President-elect Joe Biden, who receives 16 state votes.

Michigan Republicans, like Republicans in the Pennsylvania Legislature, have made it clear that they have no interest in breaking the law and participating in a coup against the American people.

The reason for this is that if Trump gets away with overthrowing an election, one day their own elections will be invalid and they could be kicked out of office. At its core, elected officials are political survivors. You are not going to throw yourself overboard to help Donald Trump.

The judiciary has worked to put down Trump’s unfounded legal challenges while states have fulfilled their constitutional duty and protected the elections.

Donald Trump has tried to break the system but the system has stood up to him and will ensure that he leaves office as constitutionally required.

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