Ignore claims of hair dye and conspiracy, the USA is absolutely underneath risk

At Thursday’s press conference, the hair dye that ran down Rudy Giuliani’s face may have stolen most of the giggles, but it was Sidney Powell – first lady of right-wing conspiracy theories – who stated that Biden had planned ahead of the election with software stolen that was designed to secure the election of a South American dictator. As nonsensical as Powell’s ideas sounded and are, she took them to Fox News, where she teamed up with Lou Dobbs to make it clear that not only did she hold a knife for the nation, but was more than ready to deliver the fatal blow . “In all honesty, the entire election should be overturned in all swing states,” Powell said, “and the legislation should ensure that voters are chosen for Trump.”

What damage can “a little time” cause? This is how long it takes for Trump’s legal team to openly demand that the election results be overturned, regardless of courts, certifications or evidence.

As reported by the Washington Post, Trump only exercises full power to remain in office. This was one of the Founders’ greatest fears, and the reason George Washington walked away from the White House is widely considered to be his most powerful act – because he didn’t have to. Washington set a precedent for a peaceful transition and handing over office to political opponents, but it didn’t have to. The White House offers tremendous access to power and information that provides leverage for every inmate. Trump used that power in an attempt to humiliate Biden and his family before the election. Now he’s using it even more obviously in his attempt to stay simple no matter what voters want.

And the Republicans do … nothing. Nothing but encouragement.

It’s not that this should come as a surprise. After all, Trump was caught using the same authority to blackmail a foreign government into supplying false information that he could use in the same elections. The House of Representatives rightly charged him with the crime. The Republicans in the Senate then decided they didn’t even have to speak to witnesses to give Trump a passport. What is happening now is a direct result of what happened then: Republicans put Trump above the law and showed no signs that they were trying to bring him down.

As multiple sources have noted, while waving for affidavits, Giuliani and Powell failed to submit their allegations of a vast invisible conspiracy that changed the voices in Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia, and everywhere else Trump lost. It is far from certain that they never will. Instead, they will continue to give the water to the 70% of Trump voters who already believe election fraud is a real thing.

Trump has invited Republican leaders from Michigan’s House and Senate to join him in Washington on Friday. The purpose of this meeting is specifically to discuss the proposal Powell yelled about at Dobbs – the replacement of the electorate chosen by a list that is guaranteed to vote for Trump despite losing the state by 155,000 votes. Why start with Michigan when that state wasn’t even near? I agree. If Trump can convince Michigan Republican lawmakers to join him in a coup, states with a tighter margin should be a pushover.

Trump’s direct manipulation of the election result was already evident in the state, as election campaigners received calls direct from the White House asking them to refuse to confirm the vote regardless of the information. This is the top of the political pyramid that goes all the way down to the base to achieve literal order from above and undermine democracy.

Thursday’s press conference where Giuliani’s hair dye deluge and Powell yelled at someone who had secretly met with a dictator who has been dead for nearly eight years was certainly ridiculous. But it doesn’t matter. Because Giuliani might as well stand in front of the microphones and say, “We don’t care about the evidence, we’re here to steal this thing for Trump.” The effect would be the same. Ridiculous doesn’t always mean frivolous. There’s no evidence of anything that Trump’s team is saying, but there is a great deal of sense.

If Michigan lawmakers come to Trump today, it will be one of the darkest moments in the nation’s history – and no amount of hair dye pouring down or bugs falling in will change that.

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