Tom Donohue, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, urges Trump to not delay the transition to Biden “a second longer”.

Thomas Donohue, President and Chief Executive Officer of the US Chamber of Commerce, speaks during a US state address in Washington, DC

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The CEO of the US Chamber of Commerce, the powerful corporate lobby group that has long supported Republican presidents, says President Donald Trump should “not delay a moment longer” the transition to President-elect Joe Biden.

Chamber of Commerce chief Tom Donohue explicitly named Biden the “elected president” in a statement to media company Axios.com, calling on Trump to allow federal officials to begin the transition process to become a former Democratic vice president.

“President-elect Biden and the team around him have a wealth of experience in the executive branch that should enable them to get started,” Donohue told the news site.

Donohue also said that “while the Trump administration can continue to litigate to confirm the election results, it should not delay the transition for a moment for the sake of the safety and well-being of Americans.”

A Chamber of Commerce spokeswoman referred CNBC to Donohue’s remarks to Axios when asked for comment from him.

According to the website OpenSecrets.org, Donohue’s group spends more money on lobbying than any other company in the US, a whopping $ 59.3 million this year. While the group’s political action committee increased its donations to Democratic candidates this year, donations to Republicans were three times that, according to OpenSecrets.

Trump has refused to allow Biden to run the presidential election, falsely claiming he won the election and, without evidence, alleging widespread electoral fraud that greatly benefited his Democratic opponent.

Federal General Services Administrator Emily Murphy has not signed an investigation letter recognizing Biden as the next president and freeing up funds to begin a transition.

On Thursday, the heads of another major group of companies, the National Association of Manufacturers, asked Murphy to sign the letter.

“While we understand and respect the judicial challenges that are part of our democratic process, it is imperative that our nation has a President and Adviser ready to lead our nation on Inauguration Day, given the scale of the challenges and challenges ahead the threats to our economic and national security and especially public health, “said the manufacturing group.

“It is very appropriate that the Trump administration now give key people on the Biden team access to critical government personnel and information.”

The group also said, “We urge the Trump administration to work with President-elect Biden and his team.”

“There is no time to lose and there is no room for error. Manufacturers were at the forefront of these crises, and we know what it’s about: American life and livelihood.”

US President Donald Trump announces the so-called Operation Warp Speed ​​program, the joint Department of Defense and the HHS initiative that have reached agreements with several drug manufacturers to accelerate the search for effective treatments for the ongoing coronavirus disease (COVID) – 19) Pandemic, in a rose garden address at the White House in Washington, Nov. 13, 2020.

Carlos Barria | Reuters

Trump and his allies are also waging a multi-state struggle that has used lawsuits and recount calls to undo Biden’s planned victory.

NBC News and other media outlets have forecast that in confirming the election, Biden received 306 votes for the electoral college, 36 more than necessary to claim a White House victory.

Legal experts are barely giving Trump a chance to reverse the proposed vote, resulting in enough states to reverse Biden’s victory.

The Trump campaign did not win a significant lawsuit as part of these efforts, and a group allied with the President abruptly dismissed the ballot lawsuit earlier this week just days after it was filed in four battlefield states.

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