The petition goals so as to add Giuliani’s 4 Seasons Whole Landscaping to the nationwide register of historic locations

On November 7, 2020 at History was made on 7347 State Road in northeast Philadelphia. This is where Rudy Giuliani, a convicted sex offender, and other like-minded Trump surrogate mothers held their press conference that challenged all of Pennsylvania’s voices. More specifically, all voices in Pennsylvania where black people live. Giuliani and Trump had advertised the performance before the Four Seasons… Landscaping Company. The look was great! Right next to an adult bookstore.

While this stunt didn’t help Donald Trump and his campaign to steal the election from Joe Biden, it did help the landscaping company that very quickly focused on selling goods. Make America Rake Again t-shirts are best-sellers according to NPR. One Lego artist even had the beauty of a set that commemorates the event. According to The Architect’s Newspaper, now more than 2,500 people have signed a petition to acknowledge the website for its small share in these historic elections: “We as a nation need to remember where the travesty of the Trump administration died with a whimper. “The petition calls on the US,”Add Four Seasons Total Landscaping to the National Register of Historic Places. “

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