The Biden group belittles the “spectacle” of sweaty Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who promotes allegations of the election fraud conspiracy

President-elect Joe Biden’s campaign on Thursday demoted President Donald Trump’s legal team for promoting “thoroughly discredited allegations of electoral fraud,” allegations that have failed to convince judges, election officials or much of the American public.

Biden’s campaign spokesman has beaten up the president’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, for a bizarre press conference making far-fetched allegations of a “communist” conspiracy to manipulate voting machines, verbally abuse reporters and sweat so badly that he got hair dye on both cheeks dripped.

“What I am describing to you is a massive fraud,” said Giuliani. “It’s not a little teen.”

The former New York City mayor, long ago a widely recognized top federal attorney, also quoted the Joe Pesci legal comedy film “My Cousin Vinny” during a nearly hour-long starwinder above any other in the self-described “elite.” Strike “force team” of Trump lawyers has managed to get a word on the lips.

Biden spokesman Michael Gwin gave Giuliani’s appearance a solid thumbs down.

“Another spectacle by Rudy Giuliani, as always, reveals the absurdity of Donald Trump’s totally discredited allegations of electoral fraud,” said Gwin.

“Numerous courts, election officials from both parties and even officials within Trump’s own administration have reiterated that claims of widespread electoral fraud are categorically false,” Gwin said.

“In fact, Trump’s attorneys have admitted that in court papers and under direct questioning of judges,” he said. “No matter how hard Trump and the beating Giuliani try, they cannot overturn the will of the American people, who have emphatically elected Joe Biden as the next President of the United States.”

Chris Krebs, who Trump dismissed on Tuesday via Twitter as head of the Department of Homeland Security’s cybersecurity and infrastructure security division, said in his own tweet on Thursday: “This press conference was the most dangerous 1-hour 45-minute television time in American history.”

“And possibly the craziest. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re in luck,” tweeted Krebs.

On election day, Krebs said on Twitter from his government account that “allegations that electoral systems have been manipulated … are unfounded or technically incoherent”.

Krebs’ comments angered Trump, who claimed there had been “massive inappropriateness and fraud”. These claims have not been substantiated.

Hours before his press conference, the Trump campaign withdrew its federal lawsuit against ballots in Wayne County, Michigan.

Earlier this week, Trump allies in several battlefield states, including Michigan, withdrew their own lawsuits aimed at undoing Biden’s victories in those states.

And despite allegations of widespread electoral fraud by Giuliani, other presidential lawyers, and Trump himself, the U.S. Department of Justice – the executive agency that would have the power to prosecute any multi-state conspiracy to rig a federal election – has not adopted any action on it suggest that one of these claims is actually made.

The Trump campaign has therefore relied on recounts and lawsuits in a handful of states to undo Biden’s victory. Legal analysts and political experts hardly give Trump a chance.

Biden, the former Democratic vice president, is expected to win 306 electoral college votes when those votes are cast next month.

That is 36 more votes than a candidate needs to win the presidency.

Since the national referendum was called for Biden, Trump, unusual for him, has largely stayed out of the public eye as he refuses to allow the election.

The alleged lame duck has also fired broadsides in tweets where Twitter routinely posts warning signs saying, “This election fraud claim is controversial.”

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