Rudy Giuliani’s huge technique is to ask a courtroom to declare Trump the PA winner

Rudy Giuliani tries to argue in a new court case in Pennsylvania that the court should only declare Trump the winner.

Brad Heath tweeted about the last Trump campaign submission.

Rudy Giuliani changes the Pennsylvania case to restore accidentally deleted Trump claims:

President Trump’s campaign is trying to change his Pennsylvania election case again, this time to “restore accidentally restored entitlements” that were deleted last time and to add some new things.

– Brad Heath (@bradheath) November 18, 2020

Giuliani wants a federal court to declare Trump the winner:

Trump’s attorneys say they will ask a federal court “if they seek the means to declare Trump the winner of the legal votes cast in the 2000 general election and the recipient of the Pennsylvania electorate.”

– Brad Heath (@bradheath) November 18, 2020

Rudy also wants to block the certification of the election, have the results declared incorrect and let the state parliament choose the voters:

Trump’s proposed amended complaint is asking a court to prevent Pennsylvania from confirming its election results. If the court doesn’t, the campaign wants it to decide that the results are “flawed” and instruct the state assembly to decide who won.

– Brad Heath (@bradheath) November 18, 2020

If this all looks like a desperate farce, it’s because it is.

Rudy Guiliani is asking a court to overturn an election result with no evidence of fraud. Note that Trump’s legal team has not confirmed any of the claims they made. They don’t have any evidence yet, but they think Trump should be declared the winner and we should all move on.

Trump’s filing is kind of undemocratic madness that is dangerous for the country.

The courts will not declare Trump the winner.

Giuliani has so little legal argument that his big plan is to name Trump the winner for saying so.

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