Gunmen need Virginia to grant them an exemption to allow them to have a weapons show throughout a pandemic

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has been a target for gun violence militia groups and other Second Amendment fetishists for years. The COVID-19 pandemic, like most things in our society, has increased this friction. Responding to the alarming surge in cases in his state and elsewhere, Northam has told reporters that the mandate for smaller gatherings was triggered by what he saw across the country in places that did not act quickly enough or appropriately. “What really struck me is visiting mobile morgues outside of hospitals because there is no place to house the dead. We don’t want that to happen in Virginia.”

The problem for the people at the arms show is that under the new guidelines, both public and private gatherings cannot exceed 25 people at any one time. This is a reduction of 250 and significantly dampens participation in the nation’s arms exhibition. Attorney General Mark R. Herring said he would oppose this request for exemption because, as is evident to most but clearly not evident to gun fetishists, “having a massive gun display for the sole purpose of selling guns is not worth the disastrous toll Take in the health of our communities. “

Showmasters, Inc. argues that the state regulated their arms display, while Virginia AG stated that Northam’s Executive Order only regulates the Dulles Expo Center. The point is, you can still have your gun show. You just need to do them much more confidently, with certain parameters set around you. This is an important distinction for some. It’s easy for others to refer to superspreader events like this Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota. Many experts believe that this event in early August resulted in at least a quarter of a million people contracting the virus in the weeks and months that followed.

Meanwhile, the Republican governor of South Dakota – the one who turned all social distancing and mask mandate conversations on its head, the one who allowed the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally to infect their state and dozens of others – is busy fraudulent Trump’s MAGA mites scam She’s giving her money on her re-election campaign as her state sees the fastest growing cases of the virus in months.

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