Republicans are both too confused or too spineless to face up for our democracy

NBC describes Trump’s attempts to steal an election he clearly lost on the last day:

Michigan: Biden won the state with nearly 150,000 votes. However, that didn’t stop two Republican members of the Wayne County’s advertising commission from briefly refusing to confirm the results of one of the state’s most Democratic counties, which is also home to Detroit and a heavily African-American electorate. Trump was excited about the news. “Courage is a beautiful thing. America is proud!” He tweeted despite the fact that the two GOP recruiters had already reversed course by this point, and agreed to confirm the results along with their two Democratic counterparts while seeking an independent foreign minister review of the results.
Nevada: Trump campaign lawyers asked a judge to do one of two things: declare Trump the winner or nullify the state’s election results. Sounds pretty fair in a state where Trump has lost nearly two and a half points.
Pennsylvania: Trump’s chief crackerjack attorney Rudy Giuliani asked for the election results to be invalidated after Biden won with over 82,000 votes. The judge summed it up like this: “Basically, you are asking this court to invalidate around 6.8 million votes, disenfranchising every single voter in the Commonwealth. “

This is the sweeping assault on democracy that Republican lawmakers are actively promoting at both state and national levels, whether joining Trump’s push or simply stepping back and standing by as Trump takes a hatchet on the integrity of the elections.

In Pennsylvania, for example, State House Republicans are trying to back Trump’s lawsuit against the election results. Meanwhile, some Washington lawmakers are literally trying to interfere by campaigning for election officials to simply cast votes. others seem to be turning their thumbs and waiting for Trump to accept the fact that he is a loser.

“I think it’s just a lot of people waiting for the president to come to terms with it,” Illinois GOP MP Adam Kinzinger told CNN on Wednesday.

What an absolutely pathetic group of supposed officials who hide in their bunkers and wait for the “all clear”, which by the way never comes. The whole country has now been taken hostage by a little man-child because the GOP legislators are either disturbed or too spineless to stand up for our democracy. The whole party is a rubbish heap of moral rot that threatens to infect the rest of the nation.

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