When Trump’s authorized choices tighten, he turns to Giuliani for an unlucky PR flash

Yes, believe it or not, all of Trump’s hopes of bringing the Pennsylvania case to the US Supreme Court rest on Rudy, who last appeared in court in 1992. That’ll be fine. According to Washington Post sources, Trump is “frustrated that his campaign attorneys have not made more television appearances to support his unsubstantiated claims that he is the real election winner.” That’s why he’s blamed Giuliani and the campaign’s legal advisor, Jenna Ellis, for both legal and public relations. You can imagine which part is the more important part of it for Trump. He wants to see his loyalists when he tunes in to Fox News, where his base sees him “keep fighting,” the Post source said.

“He’s more embedded in his position than when he started,” said the source, a Trump adviser. “He believes this is his base for 2024 and that half of the land are warriors fighting for him and that he must keep fighting.” According to this advisor, there are voices telling Trump that it is time to give up. But there’s one louder voice Trump likes to hear and that’s Giulianis: “In a meeting on Friday, Giuliani told Trump that his advisors had lied to him about his chances of asserting himself and that he could actually win a person with Knowing the meeting said, “reports the Post.

They convinced him the debunked claim that Dominion Voting Systems machines cleared Trump votes in some states is real, and he’s now “personally obsessed” with it, even asking national security officials in the government about the company. Giuliani and Ellis really believe in this conspiracy theory too. Ellis is the perfect match for Giuliani and Trump, an “uncontrollable figure” in the campaign who regularly fueled Trump’s obsession with fraud, made television appearances without coordinating with the campaign, and who recently referred to herself as “President-elect Jenna Ellis” on Twitter. For some reason.

Rather than trying to win on valid cases in court, the plan now appears to be shaking up the grassroots by engulfing right-wing media with allies. If they can’t win in court, they will try to win by intimidation, like Senator Lindsey Graham’s campaign to pressure Georgian Foreign Secretary Brad Raffensperger to remove legal ballots. Raffensperger reports not only about Graham, but also about death threats against him and his wife.

In other words, Trump is getting back on form and moving on to what has worked for him so far: enraging his army of the unfortunate. The good news is that getting to the Supreme Court or getting the court on its side is not a successful strategy. The bad news is that it is very dangerous for the country.

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