Rudy Giuliani seems to have dedicated perjury whereas making an attempt to painting Trump in PA

In his petition to represent Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, Rudy Giuliani swore that he had a good reputation in all courts, but he isn’t.

Andrew Feinberg caught Giuliani’s apparent perjury:

In other news, it appears that @RudyGiuliani committed perjury in his pro-hac vice-petition appearing in MDPA today.

He is suspended from the DC Bar for failure to pay fees.

– Andrew Feinberg (@AndrewFeinberg) November 17, 2020

It turns out that Trump’s attorney who spread the conspiracy does not have a good reputation. He is currently suspended in Washington, DC for failing to pay his dues.

Trump can no longer find credible lawyers to represent him in his legal challenge to the election, so he turned to Rudy Giuliani, the same guy who charged Trump for trying to negotiate Ukraine over one of Russia Shake off Hunter Biden’s conspiracy theory.

Giuliani uses the Washington Generals for legal defense for Donald Trump. So far, Trump’s legal challenges are for the 1-24 election.

Naturally Rudy Giuliani committed perjury. Someone should actually check that their statutory license is valid somewhere. Prior to the election, many were concerned that Trump could challenge the vote and plunge the nation into constitutional crisis, but the outcome was not in doubt when Biden flipped over five states that Trump wore in 2016.

No self-respecting attorney wants to approach Trump’s frivolous lawsuits, so President Rudy Giuliani must exterminate and wait for his challenges to be laughed at out of court.

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