Monday Night time Owls: Excerpts from the December situation of Harper’s Index

Some people hide their COVID-19 symptoms. Some people – like those in this intensive care unit – can’t.

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Excerpts from the December issue of Harper’s Index::

Hypothetical median earnings of full-time workers in the U.S., assuming income was distributed as evenly as it was in 1975: $ 92,000
Indeed [2020] Average salary of full-time employees in the US: $ 50,000
Percentage change in the number of US homes for sale since last year: -35
In the middle home price: +11
Percentage of Americans ages 18-29 who live with one or both parents: 52
This percentage ranks among the highest ever recorded in the United States: 1
Percentage of Americans with Symptomatic COVID-19 Who Dislike Symptoms When Asked By Others: 34
Who is trying to hide their symptoms: 55
Percentage that men try to hide their symptoms more often than women: 32
Percentage of Americans who believe climate change is a risk to people living in the United States: 61
Anyone who thinks it poses a risk to them personally: 43
Part of Democratic, or Democratic-Oriented Americans, Trying to Hide Coronavirus News: 1/5
By Republican or Republican-minded Americans who: 2/5
Percentage of US Black Lives Matter protests that did not injure people or damage property: 93

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“We don’t live in a world that suffers from doubt, but in a world that suffers from certainty, false certainties that balance the wells of worldly fears and worries.”
~~ Les Back, The Art of Listening (2007)



It’s not like no one predicted this guy would be an utter disaster. The ongoing mass delusion? It was harder to predict and is as surreal as it is bleak

– Mark Follman (@markfollman) November 16, 2020


At Daily Kos that day in 2003– The struggle for the soul of the Democratic Party:

Divisions over ideology can easily be accepted in our party. We have a big tent, and political divisions are a reality we can learn to live with. Indeed, we have to live with them. Election realities mean that South Democrats need to be more moderate or conservative than those on the West Coast or New England.

But the hatred the establishment feels towards Dean has nothing to do with ideology. Dean didn’t pay his dues with the establishment. Dean campaign manager Joe Trippi has made a name for himself in campaigning for insurgent (hence anti-establishment) candidates like Jerry Brown. He’s not part of the friendly Inside DC club of Democratic Party advisors.

If Dean wins the nomination, he’ll become Democratic Party leader. He can replace McAuliffe and occupy the top positions at the DNC. Suddenly, “DNC Chairman Joe Trippi” is a real possibility, and for a company that has spent the better half of the last decade laughing at Trippi’s antics and sacking him as Kook, they’re suddenly on shaky ground.

I always knew about the “establishment” aversion to Dean and Trippi, but Liza’s play blames the Clinton crew.

While the party is split into Deaniacs and anti-Dean Clintonites, one of the most intriguing subplots involves Gore’s machinations. Immediately after the Florida recount decision in 2000, Gore’s senior staff were removed from the DNC and Clintons installed. Some ex-Gore employees are still bitter about the coup, and some express admiration for what Dean is doing.

And Gore himself seems to be modeling his resurgence after the Dean phenomenon.

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