Guarantees damaged: Trump withdraws troops from Afghanistan and Iraq

According to media reports, President Trump is expected to withdraw thousands of troops from Afghanistan and Iraq before January next year.

The move would be another promise made by the president, who has long criticized both the Iraq war and the 19 Years War in Afghanistan.

Thousands of troops leave Afghanistan and Iraq

US officials told the Associated Press that President Trump would withdraw thousands of troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, mainly from the former.

There are currently around 5,000 soldiers in Afghanistan and over 3,000 in Iraq – Trump will reduce the total to 2,500.

According to these sources, an implementing regulation is being prepared.

If President Trump went through this withdrawal, he would again be pursuing a political goal that the majority of the American people support.

. @dandcaldwell @amconmag: A full liberation of our military from Afghanistan by Jan 20, 2021 would prevent the new administration from undermining what is possibly Trump’s greatest foreign policy achievement – ending the war. https://t.co/CLFWyHA8vL

– Kelley B. Vlahos (@KelleyBVlahos) November 11, 2020

The deep state wants endless war

President Trump is again facing significant obstacles in the implementation of his policies.

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Both Democrats and Republicans agree to end the war in Afghanistan.

However, the neoconservatives, the deep state and their allies in the military-industrial complex and in Congress are viciously against it.

Mitch McConnell, chairman of the Senate, slammed the president’s plan in the chamber on Monday.

“Of course all wars have to end,” said McConnell. “The question now is how they end and whether the conditions on which they end are favorable or unfavorable to the security and interests of the United States … [Nothing suggests that] If we lose our resolve, the terrorists will just leave us alone, ”he continued.

“There is no American who does not wish that the war in Afghanistan against terrorists and their facilitators has already been finally won. But … a quick withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan would hurt our allies and please the people who want us harm, ”he added.

Earlier this year, Democrats in Congress, backed by Republican Liz Cheney, whose father was a major architect of the Iraq war, attempted to prevent President Trump from withdrawing troops from Afghanistan by blocking funds unless ridiculous conditions could be met will.

Leaving Afghanistan after 20 years is not a premature retreat. https://t.co/Qo7vcg49Ix

– BDW (@BryanDeanWright) November 17, 2020

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Officials lied to the administration

In fact, the deep state is so ingrained in preventing President Trump from ending the wars in the Middle East that officials admitted they lied to the president about the situation there.

Jim Jeffrey, America’s chief envoy to the multinational coalition against ISIS, said he had repeatedly lied to high-ranking government officials about the actual number of American troops remaining in Syria.

“We always played shell games so our leadership wouldn’t know how many troops we had there,” he said.

When President Trump tried to retire in 2018, the actual number of American troops left behind was “much more” than what the president knew.

Another attempt to withdraw in October 2019 was blocked. In all respects, “there has never been a withdrawal from Syria,” said Jeffrey.

Reading the reports about it sounds worse than lying to the president.

It sounds like disobeying direct orders from the Commander in Chief.

Retired Army General Raymond Thomas summed up the situation:

An ambassador, nowhere in the chain of command, was responsible for playing “shell games” and hiding squad numbers? That’s not how it works. Second, does he think we now have a more coherent / transactional approach? We did NOTHING at the root of the problem – the Assad regime.

– Tony Thomas (@ TonyT2Thomas) November 13, 2020

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President Trump needs to cement his legacy

Regardless of the final election result, the president must complete these key items on his agenda so that they cannot be overturned.

We know the establishment wants to perpetuate endless foreign wars, and President Trump has a chance to end the Bush legacy once and for all.

We know that Biden would abandon our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq for years, and that must not happen.

I am so proud of Pres Trump that he smashed the Bush family political dynasty. The damage they have done to this country with endless wars has been incalculable. https://t.co/LtAcfw1x55

– Steve Cortes (@CortesSteve) November 8, 2020

The war in Afghanistan predates some of the people who are fighting it.


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