We’re not all collectively, many people nonetheless know proper about mistaken

The only thing Dems ever worry about is getting caught.

Doesn’t it seem logical that Democrats lack the genes required to process shame? It seems that they process this type of response from normal people under a razor-thin rubric they call “optics” because of a lack of innate morality.

Do you need an example? How about Nancy Pelosi giving us a YouTube tour of her multi-million dollar Napa kitchen and well-stocked gourmet Viking branded ice cream freezer. She showed us how to lock.

READ: Pelosi forced to cancel lavish dinner for new Dem members of Congress after Photo Sparks backlash

Dems and messages are good at half-truths. Lies are too open even for those watching MSM news, so they need half-truths and spin. A half-truth is more reasonable.

Talking heads can read MSM messages well and make so much money with Covid. In fact, it was said that all of the votes for DEMS that switched were because of Covid. It appears to be the left tool.

It also saves ObamaCare, and now dems can fix healthcare too, which is hurting the economy. Yes, some RINOs just in name are not good either.

Dems know they are playing with fire

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