Sunday night time owls. Dayen: The agenda of the primary day is now extra essential than ever

By the time we wrote the agenda for the first day, we were wondering if the Supreme Court would have it Ability to reverse these actions and stymie the Day One Agenda. With the new Conservative 6-to-3 majority in the Court, that concern is even greater. However, this cannot be a reason to avoid all measures taken by the executive to implement laws that have already been passed. If you are using these powers to provide tangible benefits to the public, the court, knowing at least public opinion, will have to think twice about spending political capital to take them away.

The Democrats must finally try to make progress – and the Agenda gives them that potential. Over the next few weeks we’ll be adding to our list what the Biden government can do without passing new laws. And we’ll keep an eye on that 277 executive actions That was evident from the Biden Sanders Unit Task Force documents and how many the in-depth administration will actually do.

The agenda of the first day took on new meaning because of the elections, but in reality it was always important because it was always within the powers of a president. It is gratifying that the dominant media have started to understand this and they can follow our example in examining the results.

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“The legalization of marijuana is not a dangerous experiment – the ban is the experiment and it has failed dramatically with millions of victims around the world.”
~~ Sebastiãn Marincolo



At Daily Kos that day in 2017– Day 47: Still no funding for child health but a $ 1 billion tax cut for the Trumps:

So that’s what happened today. No, not the Republicans, who decided to take care of the nation’s children and eventually pass funding for the children’s health insurance program. No, not at all.

This: House Republicans voted on their tax cut bill That would immediately save Medicare $ 25 billion should it pass the Senate, and give the rich a pretty big infusion of money. Like $ 1 billion too a certain wealthy family.

In fact, under the GOP tax proposal passed by the House of Representatives Thursday, Trump and his heirs could potentially save more than $ 1 billion in total, with most of that amount coming from an estate tax waiver, according to an NBC News commissioned analysis Trump’s only known tax return for 2005 and estimated net worth.

Nine million children could lose coverage within a few weeks. In addition, 25 million people in community health centers that have not been funded since September 30 could lose health care. States are now preparing letters to be sent to families notifying them that their reporting will end. In some states, coverage ends in the next month and in some in the following month. So there are some Christmas greetings for these families to receive.

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