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Nearly each US state is now formally a coronavirus hotspot

Starting November 12th at 9 p.m. EST. Source: The Covid Tracking Project and the Kaiser Family Foundation

The American COVID-19 crisis has reached catastrophic proportions. With the White House fixated on election challenges and strange, menacing shocks in the Department of Defense and national security agencies, the virus has spiraled out of control across the country – 49 states are simultaneously classified as trouble spots. The spring and summer bumps were geographically localized, first on the northeast and Pacific coasts, then in the south and southwest. With geographically limited peaks, it was possible for an overwhelmed hospital director or governor to reach out to colleagues in less affected states for help and get doctors, nurses, rescue workers, laboratory support, equipment, coroners and even undertakers. But this time as the holidays and winter approach, almost every state is hit at the same time, hospitals are breaking records for case numbers every day, and deaths are rising.

150,526 new cases were reported on Thursday – a record 24 hours. And that day 1,104 Americans were killed. And more than 67,000 Americans have been hospitalized with COVID-19 – another record high.

During the terrible April in New York, tens of thousands of health care workers in the city volunteered to help the overwhelmed doctors and nurses who came not only from other states, but also from Europe, Canada and other parts of the world. This time, however, the coronavirus is simultaneously on the rise across Europe, spreading from the US to Canada and Mexico, creating a general North American crisis.

They are to themselves – every city, county, state, and territory of the United States. And as hospitals over-capacity and refrigerated trucks queue up to receive the dead, the U.S. President and the entire White House become obsessed with reversing election results and making changes in the military and national security sectors, actions that also raise political alarms with different voices such as John Bolton, Bill Kristol, Rep. Jim Clyburn, Thomas Edsall, Ex-CIA Director John Brennan, Ezra Klein, Karl Rove, and Senator Mark Warner.

President Donald Trump’s profound personnel changes at the Pentagon and the previous refusal to allow Joe Biden to be elected have raised fears that he will soon respond to previous threats to head Steve Hahn, Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex, or the Reassign heads of Food and Drug Administration Azar, White House Coronavirus Task Force members Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx, and other health officials who are vital to the COVID-19 fight. The president has not attended a task force meeting since April after a series of horrific press conference errors occurred on his part and the group’s meetings became shallow, according to insiders. On Monday, Vice President Mike Pence convened the most recent meeting of the task force, which focused on medical device distribution and failed to establish new strategies to combat the increasing spread of the coronavirus. The task force warned that the pandemic is “accelerating” across the country.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 rages on. To date, the Trump administration has not allowed any contact between the Biden transition team and the White House or executive agencies, including those responsible for responding to the epidemic. A Biden transition team and coronavirus task force have gathered and prepared after he took office on January 20, 2021. Until then, however, a very distracted Trump and his administration are responsible for the pandemic. White House staff have their hands full as some have been quarantined due to another coronavirus superspreader event – an election night party in the East Room. Several people contracted the virus at the event, including Minister for Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson; Chief of Staff Mark Meadows; Brian Jack, White House Political Director; David Bossie, who was involved in Trump’s election challenges; and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani’s guest for the evening, Healy Baumgardner.

The numbers tell the COVID-19 story. Compiled above is a status report based on information from the COVID Tracking Project and the Kaiser Family Foundation and led by former Director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Tom Frieden and Biden Campaign Health Advisor Larry Brilliant . Kaiser has been mapping the United States for months, marking hot spots of out-of-control transmission with the color red: now nearly all 50 states are red. And it is crucial that the pace of new cases and the cumulative total numbers accelerate. If left undiminished, by Christmas these numbers will surely exceed 2,000 new deaths per day, 400,000 total deaths and 12 million cumulative cases.

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