Level Up Your Training with These Black Friday Essentials From Fabletics, Old Navy & Ryderwear

Ryderwear, Fabletics & Old Navy

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  • Check out these must-have items from Fabletics, Old Navy & Ryderwear for your gym bag and workout wardrobe during this Black Friday season.

Fitness lovers and gym addicts might be more concerned with squatting than shopping, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make the most of Black Friday sales. If you’re serious about taking your training to another level, there’s a heap of workout wear and accessories on sale designed to help you move better, lift heavier and feel better. Check out these must-have items for your gym bag and workout wardrobe during this Black Friday season.

Whether it’s cardio day or the daily commute, most fitness lovers live in their leggings. They’ve become the universal uniform of the busy, gym-grinding gains girl, offering ultimate comfort from the squat rack to Sunday meal prep.

A good pair of leggings lets you move with unrestricted freedom through gym and cardio workouts, empowering you to train with confidence. You want your leggings to fit like a second skin, offering a high level of compression so you’re not distracted by having to pull your leggings up halfway through a set. Good leggings should offer a durable, sweat-wicking fabric created to last through a lifetime of heavy squats and HIIT sessions. There’s nothing worse than discovering a fraying thread or unravelling stitch within a week of buying your leggings.

While you can opt for a low-fuss black, plenty of activewear brands are offering fashion-forward leggings that flatten your stomach and flatter your curves in a range of prints and tones. When it comes to taking a pair of leggings from basic to best-ever, look for brands that sweat the small stuff. Contrast piping to contour your curves, mesh panels for breathability, hidden pockets to keep the essentials safe while you train; it’s the subtle details that take your workouts to the next level, and that should be reflected in the Black Friday leggings you go for.

Lifting Shoes
For the gym-grinding, meal-prepping gym lovers, it’s all about gaining that extra edge. Amino acids, lifting belts, foam rollers: to some it might seem excessive, but if you’re serious about training, you’ll know the sense of accomplishment and power that comes from adding an extra plate to your deadlift, or setting a PB.

This is why a pair of lifting shoes is so essential! If you want to level up your lifts and push past plateaus, a pair of lifting shoes belongs in your gym bag. A good pair of weightlifting shoes will offer better transfer of force and power, due to the thin, flat sole which offers you more grip against the gym floor. The sole works by offering less resistance and more grip, compared to those soft, compressive sneakers you might currently be rocking. Imagine doing a heavy back squat on a mattress: Your 1RM just won’t be the same, because so much of your force will be absorbed, rather than being transferred into the motion of pushing the barbell up. Compare this with the sole of a weightlifting shoe, and it’s easy to understand how those lifting kicks can add KG’s to your deadlift!

The padded ankle support and high top design will also protect you from rolling your ankle when you’ve got four plates stacked on the bar, compared to a pair of sneakers created to cushion your feet from hours of pounding the pavement, which typically have a lightweight and flexible upper. While wearing everyday shoes in the squat rack ensures they’ll quickly be destined for the scrapheap, a pair of weightlifting shoes is for life. They might set you back slightly more than your average sneaker but it’s a worthwhile investment, as they should last for a minimum of ten years of lifting, lunging, sweating and squatting.

Sports Bras
A good sports bra is the functional foundation of any workout. Sports bras are a gym bag essential as they offer maximum support and comfort throughout your workout, letting you keep the focus firmly on your sweat session. This Black Friday, look for sports bras featuring lightweight, quick-dry fabrics that offer unrestricted freedom of movement. Your sports bra should be fully lined and designed to fit like a second skin with a premium compression fabric that offers minimum-fuss, maximum performance.

Get your hands on these training essentials by taking advantage of the huge discounts on offer from these activewear brands!

This activewear brand is set to hold their biggest-ever Black Friday sale, offering 30-60% off sitewide on their range of workout wear that blends high-performance with fashion.

Fill your gym bag with the affordable, stylish workout wear on offer from Fabletics this Black Friday.

Focus on fitness this Black Friday with Old Navy, who always save their best activewear discounts for the festive season.


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