Jon Ossoff calls Perdue out for refusing to debate it earlier than the runoff election

Senator David Perdue refuses to debate Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff ahead of a runoff election to determine control of the Senate.

Ossoff tweeted:

It looks like Senator David Perdue is too cowardly to discuss me again.

Perdue cannot defend his lies about COVID-19, stock trading, bigotry, or his voices taking Georgians away from health care.

Senator, come out and try to defend your record. I am ready to go

– Jon Ossoff (@ossoff) November 15, 2020

Perdue’s debates against Ossoff were disasters that sparked viral video moments that made the incumbent Republican look bad. Very early initial surveys show that both drainage races are close to each other.

However, given Joe Biden’s win in Georgia, both races could tip sharply either way depending on the turnout.

Senate Republican incumbents like Lindsey Graham of South Carolina found they were able to keep their Senate seats while refusing to debate, but the political landscape in Georgia is very different from neighboring South Carolina.

The future of health care and dozens of other political issues are at stake in Georgia’s two runoff elections. Voters in the state deserve to see the candidates side by side again before making such a critical decision.

Perdue is scared. You could even say he’s a Perdue chicken. Cowardice should never be rewarded, especially when so much is at stake for Georgia and the rest of the nation.

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