Georgia Republicans are pissed off that they misplaced after a surge in postal votes. Now they need to include it

Republicans are not serious thinkers, however, least of all Barry Fleming MP, who chairs the Justice Committee at Georgia House. His reaction to the newfound popularity of mail voting is so unfounded that we need to reproduce it in full:

Instead, Democrats rely on the ever suspicious postal voting process to stay one step ahead in Georgia and other nearby states. If elections were like coastal cities, postal voting would be the shaded part of the city near the docks that you don’t want to wander into as the chances of getting shanghaied are significant. Expect Georgian legislation to address this at our next meeting in January.

This analogy is so insane that it’s not worth analyzing (does he think there is some way of tricking voters into using postal ballot papers?) But the real problem is that Fleming has a powerful seat from which to base himself can make voting more difficult. When he says we should expect Georgia Republicans to find new ways to quell the vote, we should believe him – and prepare for a fight.

Thankfully, right now there is nothing Fleming can do to undermine the email vote ahead of the important January 5th Senate runoff. But there is still a lot we can do:

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