Opinion: Trump provides Putin a treasured farewell reward with lack of the election

Loser Donald Trump has rewarded Russian President Vladimir Putin with almost all he challenged for the past four years, and now that he’s an official loser, Trump gives Putin the gift he has longed for decades.

It is not a revelation that Vladimir Putin detests everything about the West one especiallyvehement animus towards the United States of America and it is so-called representative democracy. Nor is it a great revelation that is so dirty Donald Trump hates America too almost as much as he loaths fight representative democracy; every aspiring dictator abhorred following the voice and will the human and Trump is no exception.

The The results of the recent presidential election have certainly put Trump in a bad mood, and build on his years of condemnation fromAmerica’s system of governmentTrump gives Putin the grand Price- – the mistrust of the peoples towards the American Electoral process onend in the broader sense distrust of the government. It is a more dangerous threat to America than any hostile foreign power could pose.

It’s a sad state of affairs, but over the past week the majority of Republicans at all levels have joined Trump in pursuing Putin’s wildest dream. It’s worth noting that not all Americans have lost faith in America’s 231-year-old founding document or the representative democracy that the constitution’s authors created. The founding fathers intended to enable the people to govern through their elected representatives. With efforts by Trump and the Republicans to cast doubt on the electoral process, Republican voters have been hardest hit by the GOP and Trump’s diligence in “undermining confidence and confidence in elections” and instilling an insidious belief that elections should take place be manipulated. Unless the Republicans prevail.

According to a study by political science researchers from Stanford University and five others Universities, contact with Trump Tweets Raise doubts about the legitimacy of the election results “undermines confidenceAmong Republican voters who increasingly believe in the American electoral process is manipulated against them, her husband became God Standard bearer, and your evangelical racist Worldview. The study found that Confidence in the electoral process is actually growing among the Democratsed “After seeing Trump’s tweets” for the past six months in general, and the past few weeks specifically.

ONEWhen the majority of Americans know for sure that there have been no irregularities, there was no cheating, and there was no cheating in the choice. It is also a fact that the Republicans “humorTrump knows there was no fraud in the elections. But they’re so afraid of Crossi eitherng the loser Trump or alienate their stupid followers, that the majority of Republican politicians publicly agree to Trump that there was mass fraud when counting ballots;; but only at the top of the ticket. The Republicans who support Trump’s claims of fraud and fraudMany who have won re-election to their respective offices, do not complain about electoral fraud in tHeir race.

It is almost certain that Many Republican voters know the election wasn’t full abuse or “Irregularities ”in any case; especially in states where Republicans are running for C.Progress prevailed. However, there are an alarming number of TrumpThe cult members who are convinced that their demigod has been betrayed and awaiting Word of Trump card to poor up and take the streets with blood lust in the eyes. This level of unrest would surely please Trump if but it would excite Vladimir Putin without end.

It is important to remember how trump sow antipathy among Americans towards NATO and the world community, nothing would please Putin more thann Millions of ameriCans lose faith in the their own Government. Putin after all, it used quite a bit of energy undermine American confidence in the Government as well as in sciencee; an effort that with Trump’s valuable help has created open distrust of everything that has to do with realityYY

Repu for their partBlikaner have claimed for the past twenty years that there are rampant voters fraud to convince their grassroots that voter suppression has been institutionalized is absolutely necessary to maintain white religious supremacy responsible for social injustice against people of color, women and the LGBTQ community.

If only it was Trump trying to undermine confidenceIn American representative democracy, this would be a serious problem for the nation. Whatever it is an atrocity that the Republican move has joined Trump and thought about it the electoral process because it is one to thety sore Loser.

Unfortunately also far Many Americans embrace the concept of electoral fraud Targeting Trump card and his evangelical racist Supporters with not a small number of these acolytes ready and ready to take up arms against other Americans and the government – something Vladimir Putin, filthy don trump and republican to celebrate as a victory against democracy.

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