After January 20, Trump will lose safety from prison prosecution – and can’t anticipate himself

But that doesn’t mean Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance will stop looking for Trump crimes. “Vance was the wild card here,” law professor Stephen Vladeck told the Times. “And there is very little that even a new government that wants the past to be forgotten can formally do to stop it.” If he finds crimes, “Trump could face prosecution – fueling further political tension and raising the terrifying specter of criminal conviction or even jail for a former president.” Just enjoy this thought a little.

And then think about the next part: Trump’s pardon power doesn’t extend to state crimes, as Vance is investigating. Sure, he can apologize, step down, and have Vice President Mike Pence apologize for all past and future federal crimes – don’t you think it wasn’t planned – but he’s still vulnerable in New York. Legal watchers believe that if Vance finds criminal activity, regardless of politics or Trump’s “stature” as a former president, he will be prosecuted. Failure to do so, “would put the president above the law,” said Anne Milgram, a former Manhattan assistant district attorney and Democratic attorney general in New Jersey, the wrong message a sworn lawyer should send.

Remember that the New York Attorney General’s office Letitia James is conducting an investigation into Trump’s fraud. That doesn’t go away either.

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