The Republican Senator pronounces that he might quickly be leaving Trump a little bit behind

Oklahoma Senator James Lankford is not going to win any prizes for heroism in this regard, but promised he might fill in if this dragged on. Lankford told Tulsa radio station KRMG that if the Trump administration still refuses to provide it on Friday, he will pressure Biden to receive classified daily intelligence. It is not clear what specifically Lankford would do, but we can probably take this as a formal notice from the Senator of a future intention, possibly to have courage; Everyone knows that these things take a bit of paperwork and you can’t just have guts without giving your constituents the right advance warning.

So we’re going to pin this on the wall and wait for tomorrow. Will Lankford get through? We will see.

Before anyone gets too excited about this future outbreak of collective Republican deception, however, Lankford should go to great lengths to express his threat of principle in language that does not specifically contradict Trump’s claim to be the imaginary election winner. Lankford refused to directly recognize Biden as the election winner, arguing instead that it would do no harm to provide him with the briefings while Trump went through his Stages of Grief brochures, each of which was plagued with all of his lawsuits Legal team for crack (cough) had toss, at its own pace.

“Joe Biden can keep going and say, ‘I’m the president-elect,’ and great, if that’s what you want to say, go ahead and do your prep work. The president can say,” Not so fast. I have questions to answer. “Great, ask her,” CNN quoted Lankford as saying.

Lankford was joined today by John Thune, the Senate majority whip, who also said Biden should get the briefings because “It probably makes sense to prepare for any eventuality.“Yes, he described the seat of the clear winner of a US presidential election as just a possible” contingency “.

To get us back to reality here, Donald Trump’s fraud claims are clearly deceptive. Legal motions filed on his behalf continue to be rejected by judges who have repeatedly found that the claims do not contain actual evidence of what they are alleging. Trump goes to great lengths to undermine the elections through false propaganda – a clear assault on the nation’s democracy that is taking place inside the White House.

Republican lawmakers, including Lankford, continue to support him. Most of it is because they don’t want to get in the way of Trump’s constituents, aka the Republican base, who, after years of conspiracy, have gone so crazy by Fox News that they literally believe anything the loudest speakers on the Network in their screaming ears. But a good part of it also seems to be selfish cowardice: Republicans are waiting to see whether Trump’s coup threats are successful.

If Trump looks like he can succeed, they will support him. If Trump just falls into a mumbling puddle of delusions and self-pity, they’ll scrub their past support for him and pretend none of this ever happened.

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