NATO allies perceive Trump misplaced. Dictators and Republicans nonetheless do not

China is staying out of this, possibly because China has a lot to lose and little to gain by annoying one side or the other. Trump was an unreliable trading partner to say the least, but that doesn’t mean Chinese leaders will enjoy the return of American strategic expertise.

In short, most of the world is moving on. Trump was such a terrible “president” that people in other nations cheered when it was clear that Biden had defeated him, and the main theme of the incoming congratulatory appeals is that democratic leaders are quick to understand that winning is to be won While the leaders of autocratic nations like Russia and China are still waiting to see if Trump can defeat the will of the electorate and stick with it, elections are doomed.

Of course, this also applies to our own country. Those who rate elections as determinative have congratulated Biden as the winner, now that it is clear that his profit margin is well beyond what could be undone by recount. However, the Fascist Republican Party vacillates between sticking its tongue and condemning the election results as invalid for not recognizing the right of voters to vote and for decades trying to contain voters’ ability to do that thing.

You can’t exactly blame dictatorial Putin that Trump could potentially overcome his election loss if Republicans like Secretary of State Mike Pompeo commit to the same claims. While Putin instinctively understands that the “overturning” would not happen without significant loss of life, Republicans humor Trump in order to humor Trump. What could happen if Trump sees their support and decides to act even more ruthlessly and aggressively is something for the party’s Mitch McConnells that they will continue to pretend they don’t see.

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