AOC needs to place Trump supporters on a listing? Put me on the prime

This is the struggle of our lives. If you have any doubts, check out some video clips from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

AOC wants to create a “list of enemies” to demand retaliation from those who supported President Trump. What the hell?

Does anyone archive these Trump sycophants as they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I see a good chance of many deleted tweets, fonts and photos in the future

– Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) November 6, 2020

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This kind of nonsense, which comes as no surprise from people like you, if true, equates to inciting violence and proving that this person is dangerous.

And you are not blind.

You see the media doing what it always does. They try to create a narrative that their husband prefers.

Then and I’ll tell you when, Pres. Trump drags their asses in front of the Supreme Court with mountains of evidence of inadmissible votes and knocked that bullcrap over, they can scream and roar.

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This time they must have gone too far, and they know it too.

They beat the horse Russia, Russia and Russia to death, so they activate Plan B, which is supposed to convince as many as possible that Biden has indeed already won, and then Trump rushed in and stole it again by simply using it different this time.

I can just feel it

Before you forget

I’m going to bring up an issue that no one here will address. It is important.

Americans know one thing: absolute political power is dangerous.

What they don’t know is just as important: cumulative economic strength can be just as dangerous and destructive.

In the past, on many occasions in many places, it was a center of power (for example, a reform king) that was more beneficial to the nation than calling them “magnates”.

Insanely wealthy people who collectively opposed a ruler, undermined him and ultimately destroyed him and the nation.

We seem to have a somewhat similar situation. For example, we blame the media reporters, but not Bezos, Slim or the media owners.

But it was to a large extent the “magnates” who brought us to where we are now.

And yes, Trump reminds me of tragic, lonely characters from the past who fought against the magnates.

If we can still stop Trump from becoming such a tragic figure and save the nation, we must do everything possible.

AOC wants a bigger voice under Biden’s presidency

AOC said Trump voters should be held accountable.

I say the anti-Trump Republicans should be held accountable. Why are they elected over and over again? Who chooses these turncoats?

At least they are bruises that have no integrity at all. At worst, they are traitorous coup plotters.

Are you wondering which is more important, “The US Constitution” or the “Progressive Movement”? For those of you who haven’t made up your mind, “You can only choose once” … choose wisely.

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If somehow the Dems manage to take over the presidency and both houses, people will see how right Trump was.

Biden is a Trojan horse for the radicals who are taking over the Democratic Party. He’s just a facade.

He’s not going to quit his term, and Kamala, probably the left-most (and least popular) candidate who ran, will be halfway to take office as president and all will be intended. Remember my words.

AOC and their ilk are indeed the fascists they want to fight against.

Biden has the opportunity to unite us, but only if he rejects left extremism and invites meaningful participation from Republicans.

Maybe a unity cabinet?

With all that has been said …

Honey, you’re going to need someone to teach you how to work, and I think you’re going to find that most of the people who have worked for the Trump administration don’t feel like working with a few crooks.


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