White Tears Alert: The pair of weapons from St. Louis sues the photographer for “extreme emotional misery”

Not a bad shirt

Well, the Aggro Missouri marriage team says that United Press International (UPI) photographer Bill Greenblatt’s images contributed to the “significant national recognition and disgrace” of the two McCloskeys. According to the McCloskeys, Greenblatt’s photos have been used in the Redbubble merchandising of t-shirts and coffee mugs, among other things. More importantly, the couple say those images and the memeing that went with them caused them “humiliation, anguish, and severe emotional distress.”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the lawsuit also regards the couple as the real victims, the photographer and the press agency claim “They have acted outrageously and beyond all reasonable bounds of decency, and viewed their behavior as cruel and intolerable by any member of civilized society.” The couple are looking for an image that is no longer used in any form and are demanding compensation.

Being a bunch of controversial snowflakes is part of the McCloskey family crest. They have a long history of being huge assholes, terrible neighbors, and legal bullies.

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