Sunday Evening Owls: Schreiber: “How Biden Can Beat Covid-19.” Clearly it will not be straightforward

“The difficult thing for the Biden administration is that they will take office after the worst of SARS-CoV-2 has already pierced our communities,” said Dr. Megan Ranney, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Public Health at Brown University ME. “The next two months will be a crucial moment for our country … His government will not be able to influence our course until January 20th at the earliest.”

“It starts first with a coherent, organized command structure for incidents.”

The good news is that Biden already has momentum and a team of experts is ready to implement strategies already developed during the transition. Assembling this team was the most important first step, Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association. “First of all, it’s all about leadership and organization. It’s extremely important here, ”he said. “It starts with a coherent, organized incident command structure,” which “defines who is responsible”. […]

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How to inoculate a planet by Danielle Green. What it takes to build the fastest vaccination program in history and defeat COVID-19.

Abolish the Senate, by Thomas Geoghegan. Only the house is the house of our dreams […] Our first task will be to keep learning how to govern ourselves.

“It’s an old truism that knowledge is power. The opposite – that power is often ignorance – is seldom discussed. The mighty slosh into oblivion to avoid the pain of others and their own relationship with that pain. There is a large category of actions that are hidden from people with standing: the more you are, the less you are. For example, in my neighborhood in San Francisco, white women like me don’t need to know that blue is a gang coor, but if a boy of color doesn’t know, he is in danger. Likewise, knowing the strategies women are using to be safe around men, if they even think about the problem at all, is optional for men. Every subordinate has a survival strategy, partly based on secrecy; Every unequal system keeps this secrecy and protects the powerful. Better the sergeant does not know how the private ones tolerate him, the master does not know that the staff have a life outside of bondage. ” ~~ Rebecca Solnit, “Nobody Knows” (2018)



Hell, thanks to the Menominee Tribe for fucking turning it out and helping the county get an 82% Biden vote.

– Magical woman Samstoffles (@slambister) November 8, 2020


At Daily Kos that day in 2016– Win or lose, white nationalist groups see a bright future after election day:

Even if Donald J. HateFluffer is defeated tonight, America’s various extremist and racist groups are feeling pretty good about this election. It is the beginning of something big, they say.

“Trump has shown that our message is healthy, normal, and organic – and millions of Americans agree with us,” said Matthew M. Heimbach, co-founder of the Traditionalist Youth Network, a white nationalist group that claims to support the interests of whites the working class. It also advocates racial segregation. […]

“What you can’t say is that we’re just a bunch of loons.” [Robert Spencer] said. “The truth is that we have a deeper connection with the Trumpian forces and Trumpian populism than the mainstream conservatives. You will have to take care of us. “

One more reminder here: Donald Trump didn’t do that. House spokesman Paul Ryan did so by supporting Trump as his party’s candidate despite his racist rhetoric. Mitch McConnell did this by putting himself in his shell and refusing to come out instead of condemning Trump’s statements against Latinos, Black Americans, Muslims and other “old-right” targets. Trump chose to turn his campaign into a xenophobic cul-de-sac from “alt-right” conspiracy theories and White Grievance, and while many Republicans whose careers in the party are over (e.g. Mitt Romney), Trump’s paranoid gall of the whole Hearts condemned, the actual seated Republican lawmakers did not.

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