Texas is pulling previous California and turning into the state with essentially the most COVID-19 instances

States like Texas, Florida and the Republican leadership of Georgia mocked early preventive measures like mask mandates and closings of domestic stores. Our states have seen numbers skyrocketing since the first wave of the pandemic in February, March and April. However, in the past two weeks, Texas has risen to a positivity rate of 10.72%. The national average is 6.6%.

Proving Grounds in El Paso, TX on October 23, 2020

More than 29 million people live in Texas. The state’s cases per 100,000 population are 3,269.84. By comparison, California – home to more than 39 million people – has a rate of 2,371.56 cases per 100,000.

Three days ago, Ricardo Samaniego, a judge in the El Paso district, tweeted: “The county is currently working to create more space in the parking lot of our Medical Examiner’s Office so that we can get a third mobile morgue. If that doesn’t put our situation into perspective, I don’t know what will. “NPR reports that it will look like El Paso as of November 3rd has added a fourth “mobile morgue”. This is because as COVID-19 cases rise, so do mortality rates. They are rising because people are running out of resources and access, and Americans are paying for this lack of infrastructure and leadership.

Will this reality have an impact on the narrow races of Republican guys like Senator John Cornyn of Texas? It remains to be seen, but he clearly felt the shift in his state from complacency to anger.

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