Standing of the race: Simply wait … and wait … and await the decision

Alaska: Nothing changed on Friday. Nothing changed on Thursday either. There are still roughly half the votes in the state waiting out there with no clear date as to when they will arrive.

Arizona: Biden’s edge in Arizona fell away 38,455 on Friday morning to 29,861 on Saturday. That might not seem like a good thing. That change came when a huge amount of votes were counted that Trump’s team had hoped would bring him, if not the lead, at least very close to Biden. But those votes didn’t tend towards Trump, as it took a lot for him to change the outcome in Arizona. In fact, the votes that are counted in Arizona have become less and less Trump-oriented with each passing day. It is still believed that around 170,000 votes are counted in the state, including preliminary ballot papers. But at this point it doesn’t seem like AP or Fox, who called the state early on for Biden, need to update that decision.

Georgia: A series of early morning votes extended Biden’s lead in the state to 7,248. There are still some pending preliminary ballots, but more of them are from Biden areas than anywhere else and it is unclear how many of those ballots will actually be received. Georgia is still in the recount area and the “official” numbers are unlikely to come in early December (get ready). But Biden’s head start is well beyond the margin likely to be affected by any type of recount, and there’s no reason media companies can’t make that call. None.

Nevada: Biden’s edge has grown 22,657. With 90% of the remaining votes in Democratic Clark County, this state could be the lock under the locks for Biden. Why don’t the networks call it? Because if either AP or Fox called Nevada it would bring Biden to 270. Also, we could all stop watching for a few minutes and turn on a movie.

North Carolina: Not much of a change. Tiny updates came on Friday. Trump will likely still hold on to the state.

Pennsylvania: Biden’s lead in Pennsylvania has grown 28,833, which is just below the 0.5% edge that would bring the state out of the recount range. Biden’s lead survived and even grew on Friday, despite voices coming from areas Trump supporters had hoped would reverse trends in the state. Pennsylvania still has 83,000 votes, including preliminary votes. But these voices are almost all in Biden areas.

Probably the quickest way to get Joe Biden back on stage is to let the Pennsylvania fringe keep growing. If it extends over 30,000, and specifically over 40,000, it will end the race at the point where the state would pay the cost of a recount. That could finally give the networks what they need to stop milking that thing for all it’s worth.

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