Trump’s notably small authorized group tells us precisely the place Trumptanic goes

“For one thing, our entire argument was that the votes were counted and they were counted and they were counted and it’s time to end the process. That’s not exactly the message I heard on election night. I think it’s pretty hard to be against the vote count, “Baker told the New York Times.

“We never said you don’t count the votes,” added Baker, calling it an unacceptable position in a democracy.

Meanwhile, Trump’s Twitter feed includes a steady chorus of “STOP THE COUNT!”

Another aspect that makes this very different from 2000 is the fact that Trump would have to enforce multiple lawsuits instead of just one. Even if he got his way in Pennsylvania, for example, and stopped the count there, he would also have to use some pretty fancy legal jiu-jitsu to turn back the counts in Michigan and Wisconsin while also winning other cases he dreams of in Georgia and Nevada .

Instead, we’ve just seen a ton of demeanor from below par legal talent blindfolded and savagely slapping a hollowed piñata.

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