Trump is in a state of anger and denial as he sees every part slip off of him

The foundations for Trump’s rejection had been laid when his leads gave way to a large number of letter votes when voting on election day, which greatly favored Biden in key states – aides had tried to get him to understand how this would go, but he still was.really surprised ”when it happened. Because the man couldn’t internalize the facts beforehand.

Trump sits around watching election coverage on TV, basically raging and tweeting. His advisors are reportedly trying to stop him from going on TV and saying more things that are so wrong and dangerous that Republicans are forced to distance themselves from him, albeit cautiously. But Thursday night showed how successful they are. (You are not.)

Expect the Trump Rage Show to go on. But it is the anger of a loser who tries to deny he is a loser. And that’s a cute thing to see because it’s so well deserved.

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