Because the vote in Georgia will get nearer, we want to thank an individual who has helped save democracy

But when the breed intensifies in Georgia, one has to believe that every vote that went to that murderous bastard came directly from the other murderous bastard. So let’s bring a glass of mine mud to this world champion.

Blankenship shares many traits with Trump. He doesn’t think climate change is real. He doesn’t believe that work safety is important. And he believes that bribery, extortion, and packing the dishes with kind judges are the way of happiness.

Of course, Blankenship spent less than a year in federal prison for killing 29 men, then lied about the matter, then tried to cover it up, and then lied more in court. But sending a CEO to a minimum security facility for a full year is like sentencing an ordinary person – say one of those “essential workers” – to a life at Alcatraz. While he was behind bars, not being able to access his mountaintop lock or visit his mega-yacht caused Blankenship to write a book about his findings. I think it’s titled “Mine has a fight too.”

And then he secured a place as a Senate candidate, then as a presidential candidate for the “Constitutional Party”. Which tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the Constitutional Party.

Definitely on this very special day. We thank Don Blankenship, an extraordinary donkey, for the 3,900 votes he received in Georgia. I’m sure Trump’s fans will want to thank him too.

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